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Creating lasting memories
| A career in property has formed a belief that to successfully record a special/unique moment in time |
| may require capturing the subject/occasion in a particularly distinctive place |

| #photographer - people/places/events | #bnw #streetlife #real-life #real-time | #special / #unique #moments |
| #Fujifilm #X-T5 #X-E4 #Lumix #Leica #Q2M |

| Any proceeds will go towards local community projects, especially in areas where original photographs were taken |


The most common spices used in Moroccan cooking are cumin, black pepper, ginger and turmeric. Other common spices found in many dishes are saffron, paprika, cayenne, chilli (harissa), cinnamon, and sometimes white pepper. There are also some special blends of spices that are used extensively in Moroccan cooking. Morocco has acquired an array of spices from Europe, the Middle East and Asia, as well as having its own spice trade.
Ras El Hanout is a vibrant spice blend made from as many as 35 different spices in them, but commonly Ras El Hanout includes paprika, cardamom, cumin, clove, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, aniseed, dried ginger, peppercorn and turmeric. Whole spices, dried roots and leaves are ground together.
Saffron is a prized cooking spice and a natural medicinal ingredient. It is cultivated in the Siroua mountains of southern Morocco from the stamens of the crocus plant. Often used in tajines to give a nice colour and flavour to meat and vegetables, it is also used in desserts, milk puddings and teas. Many believe it has healing properties and it brings significant flavour to many Moroccan dishes. Saffron is expensive to buy all over the world, but less so in Morocco.
We record unscripted special moments in time.

If people like our efforts, they can purchase a copy.
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Situated by the River Arun next to the Stopham Bridge Pulborough, The White Hart is one of the most picturesque gastro pubs in West Sussex.
Our aim is to raise required funds to go directly into community projects.
We support established networks and community funds who already undertake so much good work in these areas.
Alot of our photography is based around London, Manchester, Liverpool, Surrey, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight plus a little bit overseas.

This little gem is a Grade 1 listed building and one of the island's most iconic images. Built around 1700, it last operated in 1913 but still has most of its original machinery intact. It is the last remaining windmill on the Isle of Wight.
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